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25. august. 2018 - 28. august. 2018

Our age is defined by rapid transformation. The way we live, think and work is subject to constant change, giving rise to a multitude of new challenges. Now more than ever, we need to act purposefully, consider diverse courses of action, and come up with cutting-edge solutions.

With that said, diversity is recognized and encouraged as an opportunity in many areas. It has a positive impact on the strength, robustness, and innovative power, that is on the resilience of our society, environment, economy and culture. At the same time, however, diversity can become a strain and lead to the collapse of entire systems. How can we handle crises? Are our systems – from finance to health – suited to master the challenges to come? How can we ensure lasting peace, prosperity and democracy? Is resilience the key to a successful future?

We invite you to examine the relationship between “Diversity and Resilience” together with a host of experts from the worlds of business, politics, culture and the civil society. Immerse yourself in in international setting full of new ideas, mindsets, and contacts. Let us join forces to answer the great questions of today!

Political Symposium

What is the best ratio between diversity and resilience to make political systems work? When is diversity a challenge to the stability of political systems, and which aspects of diversity strengthen resilience? Under this year’s general theme „Diversity and Resilience“, we will discuss how power shifts on the global stage affect the stability of the global order and of all levels of governance: international, European, national, local.

At the Political Symposium, we will dive into these themes to find innovative answers. While we are looking forward to your participation and sharing of knowledge and experience with us, we also hope that you may gain novel insights on the questions that continue to haunt Europe.


25. august. 2018
28. august. 2018


European Forum Alpbach

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Alpbach, Austria