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Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2019

4. jún. 2019 - 5. jún. 2019

GES 2019

  • Together with the United States of America, the Netherlands will be organizing and co-hosting the ninth edition of the Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES) on June 4 and 5 2019.
  • During GES 2019, around 2,000 entrepreneurs, investors, and other participants from all over the world will convene at the World Forum in The Hague.
  • The summit aims to promote international entrepreneurship and highlight its key role in the development of concrete solutions to global challenges.
  • Entrepreneurs in the country/ countries of your accreditation who want to join GES 2019 have to apply first and must meet several criteria in order to take part in GES.
  • We ask you – if appropriate and relevant – to actively promote GES 2019 in your network and stimulate entrepreneurs (both Dutch and other contacts) to apply.

GES program

  • GES 2019 offers opportunities for Dutch and international entrepreneurs. Over the course of two days, participants from all over the world will attend a program featuring top keynote speakers, expert panels, and matchmaking activities.
  • Investors and innovators will connect in various creative environments, spaces and events.
  • International participants will not have to pay attendance fees or lodging costs during GES.
  • The number of people who can participate in this unique event is limited.

Important note: we cannot guarantee that entrepreneurs who apply will pass selection to participate in the GES 2019. An independent committee decides which applicants will be invited.  

GES 2019 will host 1200 entrepreneurs from the US (400), the Netherlands (200), Europe (200), and the rest of the world (400). Approximately 400 investors from all over the world will attend. International participants will not be required to pay attendance fees or lodging costs. Entrepreneurs who want to join GES 2019 will have to apply in advance and must meet criteria in order to qualify. From December 17, 2018 until January 30, 2019, entrepreneurs who want to participate in GES 2019 can register online. They must meet criteria in order to be eligible for selection:

  • Technology with the potential to contribute to global challenges within Agriculture, Connectivity, Energy, Health and Water
  • An innovation that is more than a concept, with a functioning, market-ready business model
  • An enterprise that is investor-ready, with the ambition and the capacity to scale-up internationally within 5 years
  • Preference for entrepreneurs that work together with universities or research institutions

Applications will be reviewed by an independent jury who will carry out the selection of invitees for GES 2019.

Please find more details about the event, the participation criteria and selection process on the website:


4. jún. 2019
5. jún. 2019


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