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Na čaji s Ivanou Molnárovou

29. jún. 2017 @ 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Milé ženy!

Predtým ako si zbalíte kufre a budete si užívať letné koktejly, rady by sme vás pozvali na ešte jednu šálku čaju, tentokrát s Ivanou Molnárovou, výkonnou riaditeľkou spoločnosti Profesia.sk.

Po príjemnom debute Na čaji sa už veľmi tešíme ako si vypočujeme ďalší príbeh a s ním spojené úspechy aj prekážky, ktoré Ivana prekonala a necháme sa inšpirovať. Samozrejme, cieľom eventu je stretnúť sa, spoznať sa a prehlbovať vzťahy medzi sebou.

Event doplníme aj krátkymi diskusiami na štýl World Cafe. Pripravené máme tri témy, ktoré ako minule, rady obohatíme o vaše nápady!

Nasledujúce riadky obsahujúce viac info budú v AJ, pretože nám to dáva hlbší význam. Budeme rady, ak sa dostanete až na koniec 🙂

The idea for this started very organically, with a specific objective and need. As we girls at Slido were working and trying to grow business in foreign lands, most of the time alone, we inevitably started to encounter challenges and also gained experience that we wanted to grow. First, all of us felt it individually, but after some time, we realized that we are all in the same boat.

We grabbed tea and shared experiences with negotiations and networking (especially in a male dominated industry), dealing with the inner critic, rising after failure, and handling our workloads. The goal was to meet, build/deepen friendships, learn, and support each other. The overarching theme were the aspiration to learn and to develop. We want to build strong business while having balance that allows us to nurture both our professional and personal lives.

The simple question was: How can we help each other? And what topics would we like to cover?

It was a great meeting, and we all enjoyed the sense of community and understanding.

And then we thought, what are other Slovak women’s experiences in business? What are their successes and struggles? And, most importantly, where are they?

We would love to enlarge this original tea date, because we believe there are more of us who’d like to kick ass and could use some friends and inspiration along the way, and give back and help other women.

We want to keep it real simple and practical. No bullshit. We’d love to get to know other women in Slovakia. Create a platform to enable stories and experiences to be shared and exchanged. Arrive at ways of providing a new lens on fostering growth.

At this event, we will:
– Hear a story of Ivana who will share with us her inspiring journey.
– Hold short small-group discussions around your chosen themes in a „World Cafe“ style.
– Have plenty of time to network and have fun.

We want to make the event truly interactive and about you. We will hold an extensive Q&A with Ivana and you can also tell us what topics you’d like to discuss in the World Cafe. More info on this coming soon!


29. jún. 2017
6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

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SATORI STAGE, Mickiewiczova 9, Bratislava