EBAA (European Business Aviation Association) – Manager Marketing & Communication

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The  European  Business  Aviation  Association  (EBAA),  the  leading  Association  for  Business Aviation  in  Europe,  represents  the  interests  of  more  than  five  hundred  and  fifty  Business Aviation  Companies  operating  a combined  fleet  of  over  1,000  aircraft.  EBAA  endeavours  to promote Business Aviation as a key component of air transport, serving the European economy 
and society. 
The EBAA is looking for a Manager Marketing & Communication (M/F).
The  growth  of  the  sector,  its  prospects  in  the  mid-  to  long-term,  and  the  fast  evolving  air  transport environment  in  Europe  and beyond are  all  challenges that  the Association  is dedicated  to  address,relying on a team composed of recognised leaders and professionals . Reporting directly to the CEO, the  Manager Marketing and Communication  will, with consultancy  support  when appropriate,  develop and implement the marketing and communication strategy of the Association with a particular focus on the perception of the sector  vis-à-vis targeted audiences.  S/He  will  also be responsible for  supporting the overall activities of the Association by deploying all appropriate  communication means, including social media.
The Manager Marketing & Communication will:
  • Based  on  the  extensive  work  done  prior  to  his/her  arrival  and  with  the  appropriate  external support  (e.g.  Communication  Advisory  Board,  strategic  consultancy),  direct  and  deploy  an ambitious  3-year communication  and marketing  strategy, and ensure that it is in line with the indications received from the audits and studies the Association has conducted most recently; they comprise, amongst others:
    • the Public Perception Study (February 2016),
    • the Importance of Business Aviation to the European Economy (April 2016), and
    • the Shortage of Skills in Business Aviation (June 2016)
  • Within the framework of the strategy identify ways to market and position the Business Aviation “product”  by conducting European campaigns aimed at improving the overall image of the sector and at making it appealing to a more specific audience of potential customers;
  • Be accountable for  a budget in line with the  goals  and timeframe of the strategy. The budget will  include  the  use  of  external  contractors  if/when  appropriate  and  any  other  necessary resources needed;
  • Prepare,  together  with  the  respective  case  handlers,  the  communication  campaigns  of  the Association’s various projects and initiatives. Be particularly careful to the consistency of the overall message, which must be in line with the one of the 3-year general campaign;
  • Participate  in  the  day-to-day  activities  of  the  Association  to  deliver  the  aeropolitical  and operational objectives of the Secretariat by tailoring communication plans accordingly;
  • Be in charge of the internal communication, whether amongst the Secretariat itself, or between the  Secretariat  and  its members.  Help  the  various  case  handlers  create  clusters  of  specific recipients and help adapt communication  messages and means  in function of their interests and needs;
  • Steer the public relations of the Association, and  of the European Business Aviation Community by  coordinating  objectives  and  activities  with  the  various  national  Business  Aviation Associations and/or the members;
  • Optimise the  use of all relevant  means of communication, from the traditional channels (press releases, conferences, presentations, interviews, etc.) to  new channels (social  media, video, etc.) to deliver the Business Aviation messages;
  • Be  accountable  for  the  European  Business  Aviation’s  number  one  portal,  the  Association’s website.  Ensure  it  is  first-in-class,  delivers  added-value  to  the  members  and  to  the  general community,  and  is  constantly  up-to-date.  Already  anticipate  the  necessity  for  a  brand  new website in the second part of 2017;
  • Cover the PR aspects of important events such as EBACE and other specific forums, working in close co-operation with the Events’ team. In particular, prepare and deliver a comprehensive PR campaign for the EBAA management team.
The Manager Marketing & Communication will:
  • Demonstrate a sound understanding of the air transport sector in Europe;
  • Be familiar with traditional media (boast an extensive media relations network), and be versed in, and an active user of, social networks;
  • Have already taken part to ambitious communication campaigns;
  • Possess a thorough understanding of how the EU institutions function;
  • Have at least 8 years relevant professional experience, combining aspects of traditional PR, marketing, brand creation and communication;
  • Be a natural communicator, confident when speaking in public in English;
  • Speak and write fluently in English. French or German are a desirable asset;
  • Be a team player with the ability to take the lead and work autonomously when necessary;
  • Be able to see the big picture and think strategically while maintaining a strong focus on detail;
  • Have experience in procuring external services;
  • Be open-minded and ready to travel abroad on a regular basis.
This position was released as of 11 July  2016. Deadline for submission of candidacy  is  16 August  2016. 
Please  send  your  resume  to  Ms  Martine  Wellens  (mwellens@ebaa.org).
You  can  also  consult  our website (www.ebaa.org) for more information.