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Strategy Development of the EU-Russia Civil Society Forum 2020-2025

The EU-Russia Civil Society Forum, in this open call, is looking for an expert to facilitate the process of developing a new strategy for the period 2020-2025.

Background information

The EU-Russia Civil Society Forum (CSF) was established in 2011 by non-governmental organisations as a permanent common platform aimed at promoting cooperation between civil society in Russia and the European Union. At the moment, 153 NGOs from Russia and the European Union are members and supporters of the Forum. The CSF is an association under German law based in Berlin.

In June 2015, CSF member organisations voted in favour of the Forum new strategy for 2015-2018. In 2018, the implementation of the strategy was internally evaluated. Subsequently, the strategy was reviewed and updated until 2020. In 2018, the Board decided to start the process of developing a new strategy for the period of 2020-2025.


The objective is to facilitate the preparation of the strategy for the EU-Russia Civil Society Forum for 2020-2025 based on its mission, and in consultation with member organisations, the Board, the Secretariat, relevant stakeholders and relying on the strategy for 2015-2020.

Intended Use

The strategy will be used by the EU-Russia Civil Society Forum as a compass for its activities. A short version of the strategy will be presented to donors, partners, official institutions and the general public.


A detailed methodology should be suggested in the application based on the following requirements:

  • The strategy fulfils the mission of the CSF and ensures its sustainable long-term development;
  • The methodology should be based on a participatory approach and include consultations with representatives of member organisations, the Board members, the Secretariat, as well as with relevant external stakeholders, including EU and Russian authorities identified together with the CSF management and members. The format and number of consultations should be proposed in the detailed methodology ensuring a balance between EU and Russian stakeholders and the different thematic areas of member organisations;
  • The methodology should also include a proposal for a session on strategy development during the 2019 CSF General Assembly (6-8 May, 2019, Bratislava, Slovakia). A plan of the session should be elaborated by the contractor after consultations with the Board and the Secretariat.
  • Main issues, which should be discussed during the consultations, are strategic priorities, main future activities and communication strategies.

The text of the current strategy, the results of the internal evaluation of the strategy implementation as well as other related documents will be provided to the contractor after signing the agreement.

Necessary Expertise

  • At least 5 years of professional experience in strategy development and/ or management, preferably in an international NGO/ civil society sector.
  • Experience in facilitating strategy discussions with a large group of international participants.
  • Knowledge of civil society developments in the EU and Russia will be considered an advantage.
  • Knowledge of the CSF will be considered an advantage.
  • Fluent English and Russian. The contractor should be able to conduct interviews in both languages.


  • A concise draft strategy paper (in English), not exceeding 10 pages covering the period of 2020-2025. It should discuss both the internal and external development of the CSF.
  • Each goal/ objective in the strategy should have concrete indicators, target values and a proposal for main activities.


The contractor will:

  • Implement the suggested plan of action and methodology submitted during the application process and approved by the Board.
  • Develop a plan for the strategic session during the CSF General Assembly.
  • Conduct a strategic session at the CSF General Assembly.
  • Analyse the results of the consultations, the strategy session and other formats suggested in the methodology.
  • Write a draft strategy paper and a short version of it.


Applicants are expected to propose a cost estimation for their work. Financial proposals will be evaluated based on total funds available for the project and the suggested methodology. The CSF reserves the right to enter into negotiations with the best applicants.


  • January 2019: elaboration of the action plan by the contractor based on the suggested methodology, approval from CSF
  • February-April 2019: implementation of the action plan, developing a plan for the strategic session at the GA
  • 6-8 May 2019: strategic session at the GA
  • July 2019: first draft of the strategy prepared
  • August-September 2019: feedback on the first draft of the strategy by the Board, the Secretariat and the members
  • November 2019:  final draft of the strategy

Applicants should submit the following documents:

  • a plan of action;
  • methodology suggestion;
  • cover letter highlighting relevant experience and cost estimation:
  • CV with two references (name, organisation, position, email, phone number).

All interested candidates should send the necessary documents in English to by 6pm CET on 15 November 2018 indicating in the subject “Strategy 2020-2025”. Short-listed candidates will be contacted for an interview by 3 December 2018. Interviews will be conducted online between 3 and 7 December 2018. The final decision is expected by 10 December 2018.

All inquiries should be addressed to Ms Anna Sevortian, Executive Director of the EU Russia Civil Society Forum.

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