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EURACTIV is the media network for Europe. We speak your language, publishing online news free of charge and facilitating EU debates for policy professionals across Europe. With 2,4 million page views and 952,449 unique visitors per month, EURACTIV is a leader among online media specialised in EU policy. Together with its media partners, EURACTIV reaches over 1.7 million users across Europe and beyond, every month. EURACTIV also offers a wide variety of services in order to support EU stakeholders in their communication strategy and their reputation building.

We are currently seeking a dynamic individual to join our EU Affairs Team. The Accounts Executive will be responsible for ensuring sustain relationships and communicate with EURACTIV clients on a regular base, as well as provide solutions to their needs and updating on the progress.

Key responsibilities:

  • Engage and sustain relationships with EURACTIV clients (mainly from European trade associations, NGOs and consultancies).
  • Coordinate services implementation, ensuring that clients are benefiting the most out of the EURACTIV services.
  • Remain in frequent contact (offline and online) with the clients to discuss their communication needs.
  • Provide solutions to better communicate their activities through EURACTIV platforms.
  • Closely cooperate with other members of the team, making sure that deadlines are met.
  • Check and report on the progress of services implementation.

Job requirements:

  • 1 to 3 years of experience in one of the areas: EU public affairs/management, fundraising/communication/media/ associations etc.
  • Experience in people and client management.
  • A University Degree.
  • Strong communications skills, with knowledge of digital communications strategy.
  • Excellent social skills and team spirit, with a hands-on and solutions-driven work mentality.
  • Strong work ethics, fast and hard-working, good multitasking skill.
  • Critical and creative thinking with a desire to learn in a fast-paced and international environment.
  • Excellent communication, persuasion and engagement skills (oral and written) in English.
  • You are attracted by the flexibility of an independent contract.

Preferential assets:

  • Working experience in Brussels.
  • French and other language.
  • Team spirit and good sense of humour.

How to apply:

Send your CV (2 pages max) and cover letter to by 15 February 2019, subject line “Account executive application”. Please also include 2 verifiable references.

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