Fellowship: Women PeaceMakers, Joan B. Kroc School of Peace Studies, University of San Diego

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Women PeaceMakers Program
Transforming Local-Global Collaboration
International peace efforts often fail. We need to learn how to do better.

Building on 15 years of the Women PeaceMakers program, we believe that strengthening collaborations between expert “insiders” to these conflicts — specifically women peacemakers — and “outsiders” supporting peace efforts, can transform how we do peacebuilding.

The new Women PeaceMakers program will offer a unique fellowship for peacebuilders, focused on strengthening and improving peace efforts around the world. The 10-month fellowship will do this through building an engaged community of four peacebuilders from conflict-affected communities and four international peace partners looking to transform their ability to end cycles of violence.

Over a 10-month fellowship, the cohort of eight will engage in an active learning community with in-person residencies and a virtual learning exchange to explore successes and challenges to their work ending cycles of violence. Using the program’s established methodologies of critical reflection and co-created learning, the cohort will design shared commitments for stronger, more effective collaboration on key issues.

The fellowship includes a seven-week residency in the fall, held at the Institute for Peace and Justice at the Kroc School at the University of San Diego. During this time each Woman PeaceMaker will work closely with a Peace Researcher, who will document her peacebuilding journey and the methods and strategies she uses in her work.

*For 2017-18, the program’s focus will be on peacebuilders who engage with the security sector.*


During the 10-month fellowship, the program will focus on the question:

How can Women PeaceMakers and international partners build more effective local-global collaborations in their peacebuilding efforts to engage the security sector?

Participants will be selected based on their work with the security sector (police, military and other security forces) to advance peacebuilding, human security and women’s rights in local contexts.

Four Women PeaceMakers will be selected to participate in the following activities from September 2017 to June 2018:

Women PeaceMakers Residency

Dates: September 24 – November 11, 2017
Location: Institute for Peace and Justice, University of San Diego

Selected Women PeaceMakers will participate in a seven-week residency at the University of San Diego. PeaceMakers will work with peace researchers to map and examine peacebuilding methods in engaging the security sector, and produce individual research briefs and through a comparative analysis. While on campus, PeaceMakers will also give public presentations and interact with students, faculty, and the university and San Diego communities.

Learning Lab

Dates: 1 week in October 2017
Location: Institute for Peace and Justice, University of San Diego

During the residency, Women PeaceMakers and international partners meet together at the IPJ for an intensive week to build their relationships and exchange ideas.

Virtual Learning Exchange

Dates: September 2017 – June 2018
Location: Virtual/Home-based (Email, Skype, Phone)

Over the course of the fellowship, Women PeaceMakers will be paired with an international partner to engage in ongoing learning to identify strategies for more meaningful cooperation.

Localization Initiative

Dates: June – July 2018
Location: Woman PeaceMakers’ local context

Women PeaceMakers have the opportunity to apply for funding (up to $7,500 US) to implement a community-based initiative in their home country with local stakeholders.

Women PeaceMakers Alumnae Network

Location: Virtual/Home-based

Upon completion of the 10-month fellowship, alumnae will be invited to join the network of 56 Women PeaceMakers from 38 countries.


Please read thoroughly the program information at the beginning of the application before applying. If you have applied for the program in previous years, please note that the criteria for selection has changed.

Women PeaceMakers Application

Peace Researcher Application


More information on the website of the Jean B. kroc Institute for Peace and Justice