STÁŽ: European Union Agency for Law Enforcement training

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CEPOL’s main function is to support, develop, implement and coordinate training of law enforcement officials, while putting particular emphasis on the protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms in the context of law enforcement, in particular in the areas of prevention of and fight against serious crime affecting two or more Member States and terrorism, maintenance of public order, in particular international policing of major events, and planning and command of Union missions, which may also include training on law enforcement leadership and language skills (Article 3.1 of Regulation (EU) 2015/2219). The working language of the agency is English.

Applications are invited for

  • Area of Research and Science (1 position)
  • Area of Communications (1 position)
  • Area of Legal matters (1 position)

What CEPOL offers?

  • first working experience of working for an EU body;
  • ability to put in practice the knowledge you have acquired during your studies in your particular areas of competence;
  • to acquire knowledge about the European Union institutions and bodies, and their activities;
  • to ensure the completion of specific tasks which are useful to CEPOL;
  • to gain experience and knowledge of the day-to-day CEPOL work;
  • to enable you to work in a multi-cultural environment

What CEPOL expects?

  • contribution in performing specific tasks for CEPOL;
  • input from you, bringing up-to-date academic knowledge;
  • input from your various levels of expertise,
  • proactive attitude

1. Job profile

a) Trainee in the area of Research and Science

CEPOL is looking for a trainee with a knowledge preferably scientific research knowledge, in the area of international and/European policing and law enforcement. The applicant will support the Research and Knowledge Management Officer within the portfolio of his/her tasks. Support is expected in working with the CEPOL e-Library and other internal databases, as well as taking care of research, analytical and organisational tasks. Very good command of English in particular in writing and office software is a prerequisite. Experience in organisation and support of scientific conferences would be considered as advantageous selection criterial.

b) Trainee in the area of Communications

CEPOL is looking for a trainee with a knowledge in website updating, social media, digital marketing, and production of multimedia content. The applicant will support the Communications Officer within the portfolio of his/her tasks. Support is expected in working with Adobe Photoshop, content management systems such as Drupal and Typo3, developing social media presence on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube as well as providing general assistance to the Communications team in events organization and assistance to the media team.

Good skills in the Microsoft office tools, good command of video editing and graphic design software, excellent Social media skills (content scheduling, blogging, monitoring and reporting) and very good command of both written and spoken English is a prerequisite.

Good knowledge of Content Management Systems (preferably Drupal and Typo3) and basic knowledge of web programming languages (HTML, CSS) would be considered as advantageous selection criteria.

c) Trainee in the area of Legal matters

CEPOL is looking for a trainee in the area of legal matters. The successful applicant will support the legal officer with the portfolio of his/her tasks. Support will in particular entail carrying out legal research and analysis on a broad range of matters such as EU data protection rules, Staff Regulations, public procurement rules and internal governance of the Agency, monitoring case-law and legislation developments, drafting legal templates, contributing to the development of repository of legal documents.

To be eligible a candidate must have completed or on-going university studies in law. However, completed university studies in law as well as post-graduate studies in European law would be considered as advantageous selection criteria.

2. Eligibility

Any candidate who meets the following minimum eligibility criteria may apply for a traineeship at CEPOL:

2.1 Nationality

Trainees shall be nationals of the Member States of the European Union, Schengen Associated Countries or candidate countries benefiting from a pre-accession strategy.

2.2 Qualifications

2.2.1 Education

Candidates must have a level of education which corresponds to completed or on-going university studies or vocational training relevant for the tasks of CEPOL.

2.2.2 Languages

Candidates must have very good, proven knowledge of the working language of CEPOL (English) at the level B2 or higher.

2.3 Certificate of Good Conduct

Candidates must provide a recent Certificate of Good Conduct prior to commencing the internship.

2.4 Prior experience

Traineeships are, as a rule, open to candidates who have not yet had a possibility to work either as a staff member or as a trainee (formal or informal, paid or unpaid) in the European institutions, agencies or bodies.

However, if justified for the benefit of service, CEPOL may consider applications from candidates having interned at other EU institutions if they may present particular value for the Agency.

3. Application process

All applications will be subject to pre-selection taking into account the applicant’s profile and the organisational needs and requirements.

3.1 Submission of applications

There are 3 requirements to be fulfilled in order for the application to be considered valid:

  •  Candidates should submit their application using the EU Pass CV1 .
  •  Candidates should clearly state in their application for which of the announced traineeship opportunities they are applying. Each traineeship position requires separate application.
  •  The application shall be signed, scanned and send electronically by the candidate, to the e-mail address in order to confirm his/her compliance with the eligibility criteria for the traineeship.

Applications that do not meet the eligibility criteria or are incorrectly submitted will be rejected.

3.2 Selection procedure

CEPOL makes a selection of trainees on the basis of the detailed screening of the received application forms. In addition, candidates may be contacted by CEPOL over the phone in order to discuss their experience and mutual expectations prior to the final selection decision.

Successful candidates will be informed of the dates and rules governing the traineeship. Applicants may withdraw their applications any time informing CEPOL by letter or email to .

4. Organisation

4.1 Duration of traineeship

The duration of traineeship will be for six months.

Traineeship duration may not be extended beyond the maximum length laid down in these rules.

4.2 Beginning of the traineeship

Trainees in CEPOL shall start on 1st or 16th day of the month only.

Successful candidates will be asked to submit a copy of their passport and supporting documents from their studies before starting with CEPOL or at latest on the day of starting the traineeship. Candidates shall also submit any forms or additional certificates required by CEPOL upon starting the traineeship.

At the beginning of the traineeship the trainee will be asked to sign a written agreement stating the conditions of the traineeship and his/her activities during the traineeship period, as well as a CEPOL Declaration of Confidentiality (see paragraph 6.3.1).

Trainees shall be provided by CEPOL with an office space, computer access and other equipment necessary to perform their duties.

Traineeship will be awarded a flat rate monthly grant. The amount of the grant is 750 EUR.


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