STÁŽ: Global Digital Foundation – Intern

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Intern to Support Engagement with EU Policymakers

Intern at Global Digital Foundation September 2017 to March 2018The Global Digital Foundation is a think tank that offers policymakers a framework for dialogue with stakeholders and with their counterparts in other countries so that they can develop a shared understanding of the challenges of policy in a digital world. The Global Digital Foundation is also an international network of policy expertise providing a base for interdisciplinary research and a forum for three-way learning interaction between policymakers, stakeholders and scholars.

We are seeking an intern who can work with us on a number of initiatives during the period September 2017-March 2018.

In particular we are looking for:

1) Practical support for our work:

  1. a) assistance in building up our contact management system with details of individuals from government, academia, trade unions, business, and NGOs who have an interest / stake in the development and application of technology;
  2. b) assistance hosting our events – dealing with hotels and suppliers that are necessary for the smooth running of these events.

2) Curiosity about technology, economics, and public policy in the widest sense

  1. a) We will look for basic research skills such as identifying leading academics in a given field, downloading, reading, and summarising academic literature (though we do not expect technical material to be necessarily understood!) for discussion with the Executive Director.
  2. b) Assistance in preparing early drafts of the Foundation’s analysis.

The candidate must have a passport and be eligible to travel throughout the EEA.

Please contact: