TRAINEESHIP v Agentúre pre spoluprácu energetických regulátorov

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ACER – The Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators (hereinafter referred to as “the Agency”) is a European Union (“EU”) body, legally established by Regulation (EC) No 713/20091 and operational since 2011. Based in Ljubljana (Slovenia), the Agency is central to the liberalisation of the EU’s electricity and natural gas markets. The purpose of the Agency is to assist National Regulatory Authorities (“NRAs”) in exercising, at Union level, the regulatory tasks that they performed in the Member States and, where necessary, to coordinate their action.

In this respect, the Agency:
a) Complements and coordinates the work of NRAs;
b) Participates in the creation of European network rules;
c) Takes, under certain conditions, binding individual decisions on terms and conditions for access and operational security for cross border infrastructure;
d) Gives advice on electricity and natural gas related issues to the European institutions;
e) Monitors the internal markets in electricity and natural gas and reports on its findings.

The main areas on which the Agency’s activities focus are:
– supporting European market integration: this is mainly done through the
development of common network and market rules as well as through the
coordination of regional initiatives which are concrete efforts from market
participants to work towards greater integration,
– advising the EU Institutions on trans-European Energy infrastructure issues: the Agency issues opinions on ten-year network development plans to ensure that these are in line with priorities set at EU level


The traineeship addresses mainly young university graduates, without excluding those who, in the framework of lifelong learning, have recently obtained a university degree and are at the beginning of a new professional career.

The selected trainees will be assigned to one of the following teams:

IT/ICT Team (Administration Department)

Duties include:

  • contribution to the installation, configuration and administration of computer
  • systems and networks of the Agency
  • local IT user support
  • setup and maintain office automation environments (installation of workstations,
  • printers, telephones and other peripherals)

Press and Communication Team (Director’s Office)

Duties include:
– Supporting the implementation of website changes and other digital
communication activities
– Supporting ACER media monitoring activities
– Assisting the planning and implementation of external and internal communication
– Assisting with administrative tasks related to the work of the Communications team
– Experience with Sharepoint tools will be advantageous for the selection

Market Monitoring Team (Gas Department)

Duties include:

  • Data collection and treatment; spread sheet and modelling including use of
  • statistical tools
  • Monitoring of the Internal Energy Market, more in particular of the gas wholesale marketsMonitoring of the developments of gas trading places, congestion level of gas transportation networks; use of gas storage facilities
  • Under supervision, drafting documents relating to the above mentioned activities

Framework Guidelines and Network Codes Team (Gas Department)

Duties include:

  • Monitoring the implementation of the Network Codes through qualitative and
  • quantitative measures;
  • Intensive data collection, treatment and manipulation of data;
  • Contribution to the Congestion Report;
  • Under supervision, interactions with NRAs and other stakeholders (such as
  • ENTSOG) on these topics;
  • Under supervision, drafting documents relating to the above mentioned activities.

Infrastructure Team (Gas Department)

Duties include:

  • Data collection and treatment
  • Monitoring of infrastructure development
  • Contributing to reviewing ENTSOG documents
  • Under supervision, interactions with NRAs and other stakeholders (such as ENTSOG) on these topics
  • Under supervision, drafting documents relating to the above mentioned activities

Market Monitoring Team (Electricity Department)

Duties include:

  • Reviewing relevant literature
  • Intensive data collection and manipulation in spreadsheets (experience with this is highly recommended)
  • Performing statistical calculations and analysis
  • Presenting and drafting findings from the analysis

TSO Cooperation Team (Electricity Department)

Duties include:

  • Reviewing of submitted development plans (Ten Year Network Development Plan and regional investment plans) and PCI project reports
  • Contribution to the preparation of a consolidated report on progress of PCIs
  • Using tools like Excel and SharePoint
  • Performing statistical calculations and analysis
  • Presenting and drafting findings from the analysis

Market Monitoring Department

Duties include:

  • Collecting publicly available reference data for market monitoring purposes
  • Review publicly available case studies on market monitoring related topics
  • Help with preparation of contributions on REMIT publications
  • Documenting of the definition of anomalous events in markets
  • Help with the preparation of documentation for meetings

Policy and Market Conduct Team (Market Monitoring Department)

Duties include:

  • Review of economic literature on Market Abuse
  • Review of public Decisions on Market Abuse and Abuse of Dominance
  • Collaboration in the process of software implementation (case management toll)
  • Preparation of contributions to policy documents
  • Performing statistical calculations and analysis

Market Data Management Team (Market Monitoring Department)

Duties include:

  • Maintaining various logs and records (e.g. change log, action point log)
  • Performing document management activities using existing ACER tools
  • Consolidating stakeholders’ proposals, comments and questions
  • Assisting with organisation of meetings, webinars and other communication
  • activities/events
  • Assisting with the improvements of REMIT Portal web site
  • Testing/validating specific components of ARIS

Each trainee will have a traineeship advisor, who will be in charge of the trainee for the entire period of the traineeship.


A. Eligibility criteria

To be admitted to the graduate traineeship programme, applicants must:
1. Be nationals of a Member State of the European Union;
2. Have a thorough knowledge of one of the official Community languages and a satisfactory knowledge of a second of these languages to the extent necessary to perform his/her duties, more specifically:
2.1 Excellent written and oral command (level C2) of the English language and
2.2 Good written and oral command (level B2) of a second official language of
the European Union, including the mother tongue;
3. Have a level of education which corresponds to completed university studies
attested by a diploma, when the normal period of university education is three years or more and will have obtained a full degree by the start of the traineeship period (Only study titles that have been awarded in EU Member States or that are subject to the equivalence certificates issued by the authorities in the said Member States shall be taken into consideration.)

Failure to comply with one or more of the eligibility criteria will result in disqualification of the concerned applicant.

Knowledge of languages declared on the application form, other than the mother tongue, should be supported by appropriate justification (i.e.
diplomas, certificates, proof of having studied in the language in question, etc.).
ECTS points are not accepted as equivalent degree. Proof of completion of the full university degree needs to be provided by the start date of the traineeship.

Applications will not be accepted from applicants who, for more than 6 weeks:
– Have already benefited or benefit from any kind of traineeship within a European institution or body, or
– Have had or have any kind of employment within a European institution or body.


The Selection Committee will propose to the Director a list of eligible and suitable applicants, whose applications, and in particular, educational background, qualifications, competences, motivations and preferences suit the identified needs best. The Director will make the final selection of the trainee(s) based on the approved list of suitable applicants. Prior to the final selection decision, applicants may be contacted via telephone to confirm availability, suitability, linguistic knowledge and to discuss reciprocal expectations.

The proceedings of the Selection Committee are confidential. Decisions of the Selection Committee and of the Director are final. There is no possibility to appeal.


The Agency applies an equal opportunities policy and accepts and treats applications without distinction on grounds of sex, race, colour, ethnic or social origin, genetic features, language, religion, political or any other opinion, membership of a national minority, property, birth, disability, age or sexual orientation.


Trainees receive a monthly grant of 500 EUR. Traineeship may last from a minimum of three to a maximum of five months. In duly justified and exceptional cases, the duration of the traineeship might be extended.

Start date of the traineeship: 01 March 2016
End date of the traineeship: 31 July 2016

The trainees who have completed at least a 3 months’ traineeship may receive a travel allowance. The travel allowance is paid at the end of the traineeship for travel from the place of residence to Ljubljana and back. The trainees whose place of recruitment is less than 200km from Ljubljana are not entitled to a travel allowance.

The place of traineeship will be Ljubljana (Slovenia), where ACER is based.


For applications to be valid, candidates must submit:

– An application Form for the Traineeship Programme (available on the ACERwebsite)- A copy of university diploma(s), (please do not submit any other supportingdocuments at this stage)

Applications in English should be sent by email to quoting the reference in the subject.

On the application form please clearly indicate maximum two teams in which you are applying for traineeship, expressing the preference. Applications without clear preference stated or with more than two preferences will not be considered.

In order to facilitate the selection process, all communication to candidates concerning this vacancy will be in English. Under no circumstances should candidates approach the members of the Selection Committee, directly or indirectly, concerning this traineeship selection. The authority authorised to conclude a contract reserves the right to disqualify any candidate who
disregards this instruction.

Applications must be sent by e-mail by 3 January 2016 (closing time 23:59 Ljubljana time).

If at any stage in the procedure it is established that any of the information a
candidate has provided is incorrect, the candidate in question will be disqualified.