URBACT III call for Transfer Networks now open!

Komerčný obsah

14 September 2017

Following the decision of the URBACT III Monitoring Committee, the call for proposals for up to 25 Transfer Networks for 2014 – 2020 is now open.

Deadline for applications: 10 January 2018.

Transfer Networks are one of the three types of networks developed under URBACT III, along with Action Planning Networks and Implementation Networks.
Transfer Networks focus on the adaptation and transfer of established Good Practices amongst EU cities. These networks will be led by cities that have been awarded the URBACT Good Practice label.

The URBACT Transfer Network is an exchange and learning tool for cities. They target cities that are:

1. Interested in transferring one of the 97 labelled URBACT Good Practices:

  • To tackle a specific policy challenge with an integrated and sustainable solution
  • To adapt and re-use a tested and effective practice in their own city context

2. Awarded the URBACT Good Practice label

  • To lead and mentor the process of understanding, adapting and reusing their Good Practice
  • To refine and improve their own methodology through peer reviews and with the support of URBACT experts

To learn everything about the call for proposals and how to apply, please consult the page of the CALL and all the related documents.

You can discover all of the 97 URBACT Good Practices on a dedicated website.

A call for URBACT experts to support the networks in designing and implementing transnational learning activities is equally open.

Deadline for online submission of applications: 10 January 2018 – 15.00 CET


Upcoming events in relation to the call for Transfer Networks

All upcoming events related to the call for Transfer Networks will be regularly updated on the webpage – Open Call for Networks.

  • The URBACT City Festival 3-5 October 2017 in Tallinn will be an important networking and match-making event for cities willing to get to know the URBACT Good Practices and find partners to apply to the Call for Transfer Networks.

Cities that are not able to participate in the City Festival have the possibility to participate in:

URBACT showcases 97 Good Practices for sustainable urban development. Coming from 25 European countries, they cover a wide variety of topics a city might work on: from climate adaptation to city transport plans; from inclusion of migrants to digital innovation. The easy-to-search database provides city practitioners with a snapshot of the practice, why it works and who to contact for more details.