EurActiv flagship redesign: Still yellow, even more interactive

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The redesign introduces a range of new features, like a clearer layout and a rotating top news carousel. More interactivity is provided thanks to social media boxes including Blogactiv, Facebook and Twitter. For a visual summary of the EurActiv site’s redesign, please watch the EUX.TV video.
Christophe Leclercq, EurActiv’s founder and publisher, said: "The new design supports our updated motto ‘EU news & policy debates across languages’. We now have something really unique, reflecting the way Europe is built: a clickable newsmap on top of every webpage. This brings you to relevant national articles, written and localised in 15 capitals.”  
 “We remain committed to providing innovative, authoritative content to readers free of charge. This continues to be possible thanks to the support of more than 150 clients from all sectors. We believe that these partner institutions, companies, associations, NGOs and political entities will be as delighted by the new site as we’re convinced our readers will be," said Rick Zedník, CEO of
According to Frédéric Simon, EurActiv’s editor, "this redesign is about more than just new looks. We’re adding navigation features with a brand new horizontal menu that lets our readers access our latest content from any page – news articles, interviews, opinions, blogs and videos. In addition, there will be more opportunities for readers to click on relevant related content."
Truus Huisman, director of European public affairs at Unilever, stated that “EurActiv bridges the engagement gap, brings greater transparency, and enhances the solution brokering process”.
“EurActiv is unique in so far as it brings together the institutions, the NGOs, think-tanks, but also industry,” stressed Hugh Gillanders, director of public affairs – Europe at GE Corporate.
Caroline Jenner, CEO at Junior Achievement-Young Enterprise Europe, pointed out that “EurActiv is a vehicle for raising awareness on things that happen on the inside, on policy issues that are really internal, that nobody sees”.
A video compilation of testimonials about EurActiv can be seen here.
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