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Imagining the learning community of tomorrow

31.05.2016 08:30 - 01.06.2016 12:30
31.05.2016 - 01.06.2016
Lifelong Learning Platform
Miesto konania:
Connect, Páričkova 18, Bratislava
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Imagining the future is not a dream, it is about facing today’s challenges and those of the future. This requires collective commitment and solidarity. Gathering some 100 experts and practioners in education from all over Europe, the conference will be the opportunity to share practices from all over Europe to learn from each other and build creative solutions. It will encourage participants to build partnerships to meet Europe’s most pressing challenges.

The idea is to think about and live the methods we believe can improve the way in which we learn. That is why the methods of non-formal learning will be the tool to manage the workshop, none focusing on one methodology in particular, but integrating all.

The Conference will be organised around 5 workshops:

  1. A diverse community
  2. A digital community
  3. An knowledgeable community
  4. An integrated community
  5. A democratic community

lllplatform_education in the xxi century_graph.PNG


A model for the future

The learning community cannot be imagined solely on the basis of what goes on in the classroom. Indeed, if the traditional space for learning is the classroom, this learning also takes place at home, outside school when taking part in activities such as sports, theatre, music…, and most of all, learning take place throughout life, long after we leave schools and all the way up to retirement. Learning is also highly dependent on the environment it develops in, meaning the built but also natural environment.

Wishing to give participants a real view of what they imagined together, the final output of the conference will be the design of model, to help us concretely imagine the links that exist between elements of one environment. The model will be made in collaboration with the Architecture School of Bratislava.


The Conference will be held at Connect, a co-working community established in a rennovated factory in central Bratislava.